UPS Tracking Service: Track Your Parcel Using UPS Number –

UPS stands for the united parcel services, UPS is a leading parcel delivering company at a global level. UPS always aim to provide customer satisfaction, UPS service is one of the largest service in the world which is currently serving at the parcel delivery system . UPS serves in more than 220 countries with on time delivery and provides best service to each and every customer with complete satisfaction.

UPS deliver at a large scale that’s why it is also a low-cost service, in parcel system cost effect a lot which is being easily managed by UPS because of bulk packages. UPS is also a modern generation network therefore , it provide a lot of latest and new features to there customers , even you can get your parcel on your entered time. Many customers choose UPS to get the documents as early as possible because it is a fastest parcel service on very less and affordable price.

As you know UPS deliver in more than 220 countries, its Head quarter is situated at Sandy Springs, Georgia in United State. Employees at UPS works very hard, according to a calculation amount of delivery per day is 15 million of packages to more than 8 million customers worldwide, not only domestically, it delivers both domestically and internationally also. UPS provides very good service which is going smooth and on correct delivery time.

UPS Tracking Service

UPS was founded by James Casey on 28 August 1907, it was the beginning at that time most of the delivery was done through walking if needed on a bicycle for a long distance. But now these days they have there own wide-body aircraft, because they have to provide delivery in 220 countries, therefore various means of transportation is required by UPS. UPS delivers its packages in three segments –






In this segment of UPS, delivery is done only in the united state, other countries do not come in this segments


In this segment of UPS, delivery is done internationally in 220 countries and territories , other than the United States.


In this segments the UPS forward and contract logistics operation , this segment is basically used by the businessman and many other brands and legal organizations , this service of UPS is available in 175 countries worldwide.

UPS store tracking

UPS have a staff of approx 444000 employees, 362000 employees are in UPS and for international deliveries about 82000 employees to look up who also solve customers technical or any problem , and approx 240000 employees are transported handler including drivers.

Transportation For Packages in United Parcel Services

UPS have a fleet of very high number of transportation system

Package car

The delivery van of ups are known as package car, this car comes under a land means of transport , package car depends on the route and no of parcels.

Tractor –trailers

The tractor-trailers of UPS are commonly known as feeders. These tractor trailers are black and grey in colour , These trailers have much large capacity to hold the parcel than Package car. These trailers are used for the larges amount of parcels and long distance route.

Bicycle and trains

Bicycle is a eco friendly and one of the UPS means of transport.Bicycle are used for short distance routes Light parcel , small volume 2008 it was common to see bicycle as a mean of transport but these days they are very rarely seen. Trains are also used by UPS. when the parcels are of heavy volume and are in bulk then trains are used as a means of transportation by UPS. UPS is also having their own personal trains which are only used for the transportation of packages.

Cargo airlines

UPS have a fleet of 236 Wide body aircraft , and have there own airline UPS airline serve in 200 countries and territories worldwide. Chicago is the largest hub of UPS airlines.

UPS tracking UK

In this modern world and new generation every one is now hi tech and want more information , therefore as the time changes UPS has also added some modern Hi tech and important features. One of these features is a online tracking , online tracking is important for customers use , by entering there consignment number they can track there parcel’s current location and also past updates , Ups tracking number is provided only when your parcel is ready to be delivered.

Each and every location where parcel is hold can be tracked in just a second. UPS tracking id is a unique id it can’t be same for 2 consignments.

This technology is very important and useful worldwide for getting correct and secured information of your shipped package.

UPS Tracking Number

UPS Tracking Number is a unique number and is under 7 digits to 20 digits , these digitsdependd on the means of transport , thus we get our parcel details very quickly by simply entering this tracking number in the field of track details. Later on we will also come to know about different types or methods of Tracking step wise step for your comfort.

In this image you can clearly see a bill of UPS in which in the red circle the tracking number is marked , you can get the location of tracking number at this place in your receipt. There are various kind of formats in which you will be going to get this package let us know a little bit about these 4 formats. Have a look below –





So , these are 4 formats in which UPS provides the tracking number to its customers it is completely dependent on the service you are choosing to have for delivery of your package at the destination location.

Normally , in most of the cases the first format of tracking number which is 1Z9999999999999999 is used by UPS in which the first 6 numbers after 1Z are known as the shipper number , after that the other two number in this format are generally known or indicates the level of your package as there are different levels for each service which is used for delivery. Now , the last 8 numbers are known for the unique service level code of your consignment and these are always different for every package. As we said that there are different type of tracking numbers for each service let us have an overview of these different services provided by UPS :

Some of the type of tracking services are given below 

1 . House Air Waybill

House air way bill are used when the services is dome by mode of air transportation system of UPS.

2 . House Bill of Lading

House Bill of Lading are used when the services is done by mode of water transport these are done by ships from the ocean.

3 . UPS Service Notice

The customers who are using United Parcel Service for the first time are given these number.

4. UPS Info Notice

Sometimes customers fail to pick up the parcel because of many reasons, such customers are given this UPS Info Notice by this they can locate there parcel and reschedule there delivery.

5 . PRO number:- When the Surface transportation take place these PRO number is given at that time.

UPS Tracking Methods 

There are not only 1 method , UPS provides several methods to track the parcels for there customers , any of the method can be used to track your consignment.

To know the methods of Tracking Below we have provided some of these methods with proper steps.

Track Package using UPS tracking number

Step 1 :- We can track the consignment from the official website of UNITED PARCEL SERVICE which is , you need to visit this site but if in case you do not know the official site then we are also providing you the link below you can simply click on this link and you will be redirected to the official site of UPS.

Step 2 :- On opening the official website of UNITED PARCEL SERVICE you need to go to the location section of it.

Step 3 :- Click on the “ Location” option which is available at the top right corner of the page.

Step 4 :- Select your current location or the location where you are living from the drop down list of different countries.

Step 5 :- After adding the location , you will see the menu bar on the the option of tracking is available. Click on this option a drop down list will get appear on the screen.

Step 6 :- Now , you have to click on the first option from this list which is of track shipment.

Step 7 :- Now , select the first option Track by number from the page opened on your screen.

Step  8 :- Enter your tracking number there in the box appear on the screen , you can also add up to 25 different tracking numbers of different packages so that you can track all of them at the same time.

Step 9 :- Click on Track button present at the right corner of your screen.

Step 10 :- All done , your consignment position is shown on the web page.

Track package by UPS Reference option

Step – 1 : So , the first step that you have to perform is open the official site of UPS or you can simply go to the below provided link by which you can directly visit the home page of UPS tracking or UPS Tracking Store.

Step – 2 : After reaching to the home page of UPS first of all set your current location in which you are residing from the list of countries.

Step – 3 : Now , on the screen you will be going to see a blue colour menu bar in which you needs to select the option of tracking. As you click on the option you will see a list gets open in front of you.

# Now , you will see some options in this opened list from which you have to select the first option which is of Track shipment. Click on it.

# A new tab will get open on the screen like as shown in below image –

# Next you needs to select the second option present on screen which is of Track by reference number.

Step – 4 : After clicking on that option another window will get appeared in front of you in which you have to select first of all the type of your shipment like as package , freight or mail innovation depending on your delivery mode.

Step – 5 : Now , you will see another option just below that in which you are asked to type the reference number of your shipment. You will be having a 35 characters long reference number make sure that it do not exceed the 35 digits both in alphanumerical format or combination.

Step – 6 : Now , after entering the reference number you have to select the range of the shipment date which will be marked on your bill or receipt got from UPS.

Step – 7 : Now , in transit next step you are needed today elect the account of the personal who has shipped the parcel or in any other ache if you are having some other UPS account number then you can also mention that in this step.

Step – 8 : Next , you will be asked for the location of the package in which it will be going to get delivered.

Step – 9 : So , after selecting the location of your package you will be asked for the ZIP or postal code of that particular area.

UPS Tracking by Mail

So , til now we have learned about 2 different methods of tracking your UPS package now in this list the next method by which we are going to track our UPS package is by email. You just need to send an email to the UPS department with the tracking number of your package and then you will get the revert mail with all of the details of your consignment. Let us know how to do this , first of all you need to open the Gmail in your mobile and then in the subject field type the tracking number of your package and in the message box you can also type the tracking number more than one.

Note , that you are allowed to track maximum of 25 different tracking numbers of different packages by just send a single mail on the mail I’d of UPS which is , this is the fastest and easiest way of getting details for your package now , send your mail by simply clicking on the send icon after some time you will receive a mail from UPS side which will be having all of the necessary and important details related to your package or packages. The only limitation is that this method is not acceptable for the freight package tracking.

UPS tracking by UPS SMS Tracking

This service is one of the best service if you wanted the regular updates of your package on your mobile in the form of SMS , so this is an other service provided by UPS for tracking your package let us know how to track the parcel with help of this new facility –

Step – 1 : It is same as previous you needs to first go to the official website of UPS or you can directly reach there by simply clicking on the link provided below –

Step – 2 : After clicking the link the home page of UPS tracking will get open from where you needs to select your current location by just clicking on the option of location present at the right side corner of your screen.

Step – 3 : Now , after selecting the location go to track menu bar and select the option of tracking from there , a list will get open in front of you. Now , select the option of track shipment a new tab will get open on the screen of your device. You will be going to see there are different options but you have to select the last option which is of SMS tracking.

Step – 4 : After clicking that option you will be sent to a new window where you will be going to ask for the type of notification which you want to choose there you have to select for the SMS text message type.

Step – 5 : Now , a next tab will got open asking for entering your number , you need to click on the option of add number for adding your mobile number.

Step – 6 : After adding your current mobile number on which you will be wanted to receive all of the necessary updates regarding your package you needs to confirm that particular number.

Step – 7 : As soon as your number get confirmed you will be going to get all of the necessary details and updates of your package every time by the means if text message on your phone at the registered number.

* If you do not want the regular updates of your package then you can also click on the opt out option then you will got the tracking details only one time.

Tracking the UPS package with help of the UPS info notice

UPS is also provided by the info notice number , it is a very important by several means it helps you a lot in different ways like for changing your delivery time , address , date etc or you can also keep your status on the hold so that your package will not get delivered. So , if you are also having the UPS info notice number and wanted to track your package with help of it then follow the below provided steps :

Step – 1 : Now , first you need to do the same go to the official site of the UPS or you can also go to the below provided link by simply clicking on it.


Step – 2 : Now , you have to go to the location option and set your current location from the list.


Step – 3 : Now , after getting your location set you have to go to the menu bar and then click on the Tracking option , after clicking on it the list will get open and then select the first option of track shipment from the list or you can also see at the left side of your screen you will see the option of tracking or info notice number.

Step – 4 : On this left side you will see the box in which you have to type the info notice number you are having for your package.

Step – 5 : Now , after entering your UPS info notice number you needs to click on the option of track which is present at the right of the box in blue colour. After , clicking on it you will see the tracking details of your package in the new window.

So , these are above mentioned simple and easy steps by which you can track your package comfortably and then get the complete details of the tracking.

Closure ,

So , we told you about the UPS courier service today about different things related to it , we come to know for the several services provided by UPS to its customers and the best part we learn that is how to track your consignment. UPS is the first delivery company which provides the best courier delivery in very less amount and it also provides you a lot of different methods which will help you in tracking your package very easily. We tried you to provide each and every step so that you will not face any kind of problem while tracking your consignment. For tracking you just need to have the tracking number with you and you re ready to go on.

So , UPS is the best postal service running in United States which provides the delivery at both international and domestic level at a very huge scale that is in more than 200 countries in the world with help of different types of means of Transport for it. Now , next what you will be going to do is select your best service which suits your requirement completely without any problem we told you about all of the services in detail which will help you a lot. Hope you will like it and do not find find any kind of problem at the time of tracking if found then contact us we will be here for your help or you can also contact to the customer service of UPS directly regarding any query or problem.


Frequently Asked Questions ( FAQ )


Ques – 1: How can I let my package on hold if I am not able to receiving?

Ans – 1 : UPS provides you this facility of letting your package at hold if you are on vacation or do not able to receive your package , for availing this service you needs to pay some of the nominal amount which is only valid for 5 days if you exceed the time more than 5 days then your package will get back to the shipper and you will not be able to get it again. The amount which you needs to pay for 5 days is $5.


Ques – 2 : What is the UPS customer service number at which I can talk regarding my queries and problems ?

And – 2 : If you wanted to contact to the UPS customer service then you have to face lots of rounds and needs to talk to the robots before getting in touch to any live agent of UPS but if you wanted to save your time and do not want to handle it any more than we are going to provide you some easy steps with help of which you will be able to contact the customer representative easily and in less time. It is not a cute one but you can try it.

Step – 1 : In the first step you needs to contact to the customer service number on your mobile keypad which is 18007425877.

Step – 2 : Now , after you hear that robotic or automatic voice dial the number 0 on your dial pad.

Step – 3 : Next , you needs to again press 0 when the system starts speaking again.

Step – 4 : After completing all of these steps in some minutes you will be connected to the customer care representative when the lines got free and this is the best as you needs not to face those ridiculous talks of robot which are wastage of time.


Ques – 4 : Is , it possible to handover the delivery of package to someone else when I am absent for pick up ?

Ans – 4 : Yes , it is possible that someone else take the pick up of the package in your absence. The main thing that person needs to provide is a photo copy of ID proof which is having their complete details on it and should handover that to the delivery boy or at the UPS office. The person is also needed to show a proof of relation in between of him and the person to whom that particular package belongs.


Ques – 5 : In what approximate time does the UPS delivers its consignment ?

Ans – 5 As we have also told you earlier that the delivery time for your UPS package is based on the service through which you are delivering your package. There are some of the services and options provided by UPS according to their time of delivery let us know them –

1 . Next day air early by UPS : With help of this service you will get your package to be delivered by air in the early morning that is around or before the 8 am.

2 . Next day air : With help of this service you are able to get your package on the next day of shipment and the delivery will be conducted mostly by the 10:00 am in morning.

3 . UPS next day Air saver : With help of this option of UPS the delivery of your package will be conducted on the next day of the shipment the timing hours of delivery will be by the end of the day that is in evening.

4 . UPS 2nd day air AM : This option allows your package to be delivered in 2 business days from the date of the shipment of your package. You will get the delivery of your package in the early morning that is before 8:00 am.

5 . UPS 2nd day Air : This next service is almost same as the above that is your delivery of the package will be conducted within 2 business days after the shipment takes place the only difference is of delivery time in this service your package will got delivered in evening by the end of the day.

6 . UPS 3rd Day select : This another service of UPS allows your package to be delivered in 3 days after the shipment and the delivery hours in which you will get your package will be by the end of the day.

7 . UPS Ground tracking :Now ,the next and last service which is provided by UPS is UPS ground in which the normal delivery will be conducted in between of 1 to 5 days after the shipment which depends on the destination location and you will also be known previously about the estimated date of delivery for your package.