Does UPS Delivers on Saturdays and Sundays?

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One of the most asked question by the customers of UPS is that whether they provide service on Saturday and Sunday or not if you are also one who is looking the answer for this question then you are at right place and your search will definitely get over at this place because today in this article we are going to tell you about the Saturday and Sunday delivery of Ups whether it is available or not.

UPS is having a very vast service with the one thousand drivers who serves more than 1 million customers across the world so by this you will be able to have an imagination about the popularity of UPS among users and for full satisfaction of customers UPS deliver its products day and night on accurate time to the respective location. Despite if it there are many customers of UPS who always remain confused regarding the opening or closing hours of UPS about its delivery time or holidays due to this major confusion we are here going to tell you about all these in detail.

As , the world is being digital day by day we mostly prefer to do our works online as it provide comfort and you can complete your work from home without going anywhere and give the detail of what’s happening all around the world. Very rarely we use mailing as most of messages got transferred but email or Whatsapp but still in this digital world for sharing confidential and private information still mails are considered as best option because your information is completely safe their and will only deliver to the right person and due to this we always look for the option of regular mail delivery service and UPS has come across as one of the best option.

As we all remain busy a lot in our jobs and work whole weekdays that us from Monday to Friday and for our personal work we only got weekends therefore we tries to complete all of our work in those weekends but their are many postal services which do not offer their facilities on weekends and everyone looks for UPS and search that is it available on weekends or not , if you are also searching for this then don’t think you are alone in this search there is a huge line who daily search for the answer to this question. So , here we are going to answer you about all of your questions and will clear every doubt which raises in your mind.

Does UPS Deliver on Saturday ?


We are here to discuss about the UPS weekend hours and possibilities of delivery , sometime it happens that we have to deliver an urgent package but due to lots of work we forgot to deliver our package on time specially during weekdays and it is urgent to send this as early as possible now , at this situation we feels stressed and wanted to get the solution of this problem here is the solution , yes exactly the solution to your problem is UPS.

Although you will not be able to deliver or your package through UPS on weekends but UPS has a special service for their customer which is known as the UPS express critical by using this service you can easily send your package even on holiday which is on Saturday as this service allows you to deliver all of your critical shipments which are bounded with time.

UPS Critical Express Service

This is one of the best service available in UPS which gives an opportunity to it’s customers for delivery of urgent packages or those which are time sensitive and the most important thing is that there is not weight limit fir this service you can send your light and heavy both type of packages with help of it.

If you also wanted to use UPS critical express service then you have to visit the website of it as there is a separate website available specially for the critical shipments where you will find a team of experts available for your help and provide you the best solution as quick as possible. Like as of UPS packages you can also track your critical package after delivering it to the nearest UPS store and find out its location with complete details.

You can also avail some extra features with this service if the article which is being delivered need extra care or handle then you can add this to your package , even if you have to deliver any temperature sensitive shipment then you can also use this service of UPS critical express. Apart from these you can also deliver hazardous , extra sensitively , over sized or over weight packages with help of this service of UPS. You can also avail the facility of drop off and pick up in very less time with low cost which is in your budget. So , this is the perfect answer to your question yes you can deliver your package on Saturday with help of the UPS express critical service.

Does UPS Deliver on Sunday ?

Next another most asked question you might be thinking that if UPS is delivering on Saturday then may be it remains off on Sunday if you are also having this thought in your mind then read it more to clear your question. As , most of the people got off on Saturday then why is there any need to look for Sunday UPS hours exactly no , but still there are many people who works very hard 6 days in week and got a single weekend off which is on Sunday and on this day they have to complete their all pending and urgent work from which one can also be the sending mail or parcel.

Instead of this sometimes it also happens that we got an urgent delivery of Sunday or Monday and in which we have to ship our parcel on Sunday at any how in such situation we require to look for the Sunday delivery so , anything can happen anytime and you can stuck with any situation as we have told you earlier that there is a service which is being provided by UPS is critical express service in which you can easily send any of your time sensitive package to any location which remains open seven days and 24 hours yes you are right.

UPS critical express is offering it’s service 24*7 without any break and you can get the delivery of your urgent package by various transportation with extra care like air , charter , surface , secure , international , hand carry , inside precision and several other value added services. As we have also told you earlier that UPS critical service is having it’s own unique website , team of experts , customer support , barcode label printing etc so , you can easily reach to the official site of UPS critical express from where you can get any kind of enquiry and solution for your problem.

As we have said that this service is available 24*7 and is specially bounded for the time sensitive packages which get shipped with in the network of UPS , if you feel any query or problem regarding your package or their is any extra thing about which you wanted to know then you can easily contact them on their email I’d which is or you also have another option of call , you can directly contact to the customer care representative of UPS critical express in the contact number 18007148779 socially for the delivery in UPS and Canada or for other countries you can contact to the 19136937205 this number is for the residents who are outside from USA and wanted to also some query or problem regarding any issue. The official site of UPS on which you can easily get each and every detail regarding it is

There is a huge network of UPS with lots of customer who are aware about each big or small update of UPS buts still there are some who do not know about the UPS express critical service despite of being the regular customer of UPS so this is the major reason due to which we have expressed it in so much detail for your better understanding and increased knowledge. I hope that after reading it you have got answer to your question which is does UPS delivers on Saturday Sunday so , we have provided you all of the major information regarding this question and the service of UPS now.

We hope that their is nothing remained unanswered but still if you feel that their is any query then you can comment us below we will try to solve your problem hope you will like this article.

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