How Can We Japanese Kanji Characters Recognized by UPS Developer APIs?

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We at try to provide all the possible information about the UPS (United Postal Service). We answer all the questions that are raised by our user. Earlier we have answered many frequently asked questions like How to get the high-resolution logo of UPS downloaded and how to technical support of UPS. Today also we are going to answer another type of FAQ which is: Can API of UPS recognize Kanji Characters”. Before answering that let’s tell you about what is Kanji?

UPS API Documentation

Kanji characters are the adopted characters of Chinese logographic which Japanese use in their writing system. These characters are used along with the Japanese scripts of Katakana and hiragana. The Kani is a Japanese term for the Chinese characters which literally translate to “Han characters”.

So the answer is No. UPS APIs cannot recognize Japanese Kanji characters.

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