How To Add Locations To Contract? How To Resolve UPS Freight Account Manager?

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UPS which stands for the United Parcel Service is the world’s largest Courier or package delivering company, which delivers both the households or at the business packages to their customers across the globe. UPS is founded in the United States more than 100 years back and is having its headquarters in Georgia.

UPS Delivers by its dual mediums which are ground and the air services and further the UPS is having the trucking division as well for freight transportation. UPS freight division presently delivers the freight both at the domestic and at the international level.

UPS Freight contact

There is no doubt that UPS freight is the most preferred source in the context of the reliability of the freight delivery be it the domestic scale or on the international scale.

The UPS freight delivery is that promising that the UPS even offers the guaranteed time freight delivery option services to its customers anywhere in the world. Many of the UPS users are having the concern, as to how they can add contract location to theirĀ UPS freight account.

Well, it is quite easy to add contract locations to the UPS freight account and for this, the users just need to go to the administrator sections of their UPS account. Users will find the administration section in the left side of the page, and from there the users need to click on the manage locations.

Then further User will see the create locations and clicking on that the users will be allowed to create or add a new location. Now the users may fill the details of the location in all the fields, and after the fields are completed just click on update to save this location. So, this is how the UPS users can add contract locations to the UPS freight account.

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